Cambridge stud launches horse passport

Brendan & Jo Lindsay  - Trish Dunell
Brendan & Jo Lindsay

Trish Dunell

Cambridge Stud has launched a comprehensive yearling information service called Horse Passport on its new website www.cambridgestud.co.nz.
“The importance of this passport is that not only does it enable complete transparency, but it also makes life a lot easier for potential buyers through having all the information they need in one place,” Cambridge Stud chief executive Henry Plumptre said.
“Buyers can go to our website and find information on each yearling such as current owner, breeder, horse history, a custom research pedigree that Cambridge Stud has commissioned from Arion Pedigrees, photos, videos and pedigree updates, along with x-ray and scope reports by highly respected veterinarians Rob Hitchcock and Chris Lawler.
“Our goal quite simply is to enable buyers to buy from Cambridge Stud with confidence.”
The merits of this innovative template were quickly appreciated by Cambridge Stud’s new owners Brendan and Jo Lindsay.
“Our 2019 Book One draft is our very first yearling consignment as the owners of Cambridge Stud,” Lindsay said. 

“It’s a new era for the stud, and improving the information access for the 56 yearlings we are offering is very much an innovation we wish to adopt.”


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