Changes to allowances

Changes to allowances for jumps races and highweights will come into force from Monday.

Riders in the applicable jumps races will now be able to claim an allowance until their 16th win.

Those with 0-5 jumps wins can claim up to 3kg, with a 2kg allowance for those with 6-10 wins, and a 1kg claim for those with 11-15 wins.

Previously, the 3kg claim reduced to 2.5kg with a rider’s fifth win, while those with 6-9 wins could claim 1.5kg, with no further claim once a rider reached 10 wins over fences.

Similar changes have been made for highweight races, where a rider’s flat wins dictate the allowance. There will be a 3kg claim for 0-5 wins, 2kg for 6-10 and 1kg for 11-15 wins.


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