Call for diversity in racing

Victoria Carter
Victoria Carter

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing deputy chair Victoria Carter has addressed the 37th Asian Racing Conference in Seoul on how racing can respond to a rapidly changing world.

“If racing wants to expand its participant base and get more fans – the fastest way is through diversity,” she said.

“More women in racing at all levels, not just on-course, will mean that we have a greater chance of innovation, collaboration and transformation. If you can’t see it, how can you be it or believe that it is possible.

“Having more women in racing shows all women that it is possible. It means you do not need to be unique, exceptional or chosen and it becomes more of the norm. Remember half the world is women.

“For racing to gallop ahead we need women in leadership roles. If you want good decisions, good strategies and good outcomes, you need people who are different from you. Hence diversity, or gender-balance, matters. 

“Change will make our industry stronger. There isn’t an industry today that doesn’t need innovation and new ideas; racing is not alone here.”


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