Jockeys’ best for the weekend

A selection of New Zealand’s leading jockeys offer their best rides for the weekend and, where applicable, last week’s result.

Lisa Allpress Tutta La Classe – New Plymouth (race one)
(Hundyamonth – 2nd) 

Matt Cameron Grand Rio – Rotorua (race two)
(Ferrando - unplaced)

Samantha Collett Paisley Park – Rotorua (race eight)
(Frosted – unplaced)

Troy Harris Korakanui – Rotorua (race four)

Danielle Johnson Richie McHorse – Rotorua (race five)
(Fawn – 2nd)

Michael McNab Ambitious Winner – Rotorua (race two)
(Aniceta – 4th)

Johnathan Parkes Not Usual Jane – New Plymouth (race one)
(Whatsup – 1st)

Jonathan Riddell Karisto – Rotorua (race one)
(Big Mike – 1st)

Shafiq Rusof Wonder Woman – Rotorua (race three)

Sam Spratt Blue Breeze – Rotorua (race five)
(Prince Mambo – unplaced)

Masa Tanaka Mistress Porotene – New Plymouth (race eight)

Dylan Turner Rayas – Rotorua (race seven)


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